I love these sheets!! So soft and luxurious! I have finally found sheets that fit the bed properly after 10 years of wasting money on sheet sets "Guaranteed to fit" ! I have a Queen pillow top mattress and a thick mattress pad(about 16"), these Spalena sheets have adequate coverage around the entire mattress and at the corners so my mattress doesn't show anymore. Finally a manufacturer that doesn't skimp on the fabric and true measurements. These sheets are very nice quality and wash beautifully, no wrinkles! My husband and I felt like our bed is as comfy as the high end hotels! Great product, well worth it! Thanks to Costco, I'm sleeping like a princess! – aggie1981

Just wanted to tell you that I happened to be in Costco, probably 8 years ago when you were having a show.  Bought my first pair then.  They are all I use.  I have bought them for my entire family and am now starting on the extended family.  I love them so much that whenever I have someone over to my house and am showing them around...I always make them feel my sheets.  So I'm definitely doing all I can to spread the word.−Tami

One touch of these sheets, and you will know you will be lying in heaven. I've purchased 500, 700, 1000 thread count sheets that I used to think were great, but these sheets blew them out of the water! Only complaint is that I've had one set start pilling a few weeks after purchase.....I exchanged them for another set and this one has been perfect now for over a year. – Anonymous

I can't recommend these enough. Just don't use dryer sheets, I spoke with the company to double check. Anway, the touch and feel of these sheets are beyond description. I am super picky and have literally touched every sheet in a store and left unhappy. These are so soft on the skin and aren't too hot or too cold like some textiles. I wouldn't put these on a guest bed because your guests may never leave. – Bunny

I purchased a set of Spalena sheets earlier this year and couldn't believe sheets could feel so incredibly soft and smooth - even hubby noticed! And I love how easy they are to wash and dry - no ironing needed. I decided to do some early Christmas shopping and buy a set for my parents. The cream color is more like a pale taupe, but I think it's a gorgeous color. This is definitely one of life's little luxuries! – CarpeCattus

I am a sheet snob and I bought a set of Spalena sheets because of the feel. Wow. Snuggle down into these sheets and you will never want to get out of bed. I immediately bought a second set and even bought a set for all my grown kids. They would give rave review also. The sheets wash beautifully and keep that silky feel. Thank you to the discoverer of Spalena. – DandD

I am impressed!!! I purchased two sheet sets…unbelievable…the corners of the fitted sheet are still in place when my husband gets out of bed in the morning. That has not been the case in the past with any other sheet set no matter what the price. The fitted sheet actually fits over our new pillow-top mattress and stays put. The flat sheet is long enough to tuck in at the foot of the bed. I’m used to being short-sheeted. Also, when I laundered them, the top hem was not all rumpled. Now that’s a miracle. – Gayle C

These sheets tare the most wonderful things I've ever slept on! Cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. I had to order online because I only found them once in my store. OH HOW I HOPE Costco NEVER quits carrying these wonderful sheets. – JDCCOS

I just bought my third set of Spalena sheets. I bought my first set over a year ago and have l loved them so much that when I saw them again, I decided to buy my second set. I live in Mill Creek, WA but was visiting Florida and saw them down there. I talked and talked about them to my sister so when I saw them, I asked her if she was interested and she asked me to get her a set too. I know she’s going to love them as much as I do. In fact, when I was looking at them there were other customers around and I think I sold them on them too. – Kathy

I've spent a fortune on sheets, started out with 400 thread count and went up to 1000 and even more. I found one set of sheets I liked, until I washed them; then I found these sheets! Besides being soft, they are smooth and they stay that way wash after wash. I can't believe the money I've spent on sheets and these have been at Costco all the time. My first set of these sheets are about three years old, the second set are now about two years old and I just purchased a third set. I've giving all my expensive sheets away. – Kepela

Bought a set for myself and loved them so I purchased a set for my guest room bed. Every guest says how wonderful they are. I now have them for all our beds and have given some as gifts too. – LolaBelle

If I have not said it lately, these are the best sheets on earth and we are working toward getting every treatment room in these sheets! – Madalyn J.

I purchased the queen size sheet set for my son because I love the king sheets I purchased for myself a few months ago at a road show event at Costco. I was a little sceptical at first because I was used to the 1200 threads, etc. But, these are the softest, most well-made sheets I have ever owned. I plan to buy these exclusively from now on. – Meadow

Saw them featured at the store. Did not buy them. But, could not get them out of my mind. They felt so soft. Another customer said these were the sheets the "Ritz Carlton" uses. I had to go on line and get them and the reviews are correct. Best purchase ever. Will not buy another sheet again. Incrediblly soft. washes up great. Min. wrinkling. I have bought 4 sets this year for Christmas gifts. Can not say enough good about them. – Pammer

I am also a "sheet snob" and theses are BY FAR the softest ones I've ever slept on! And they don't wrinkle (if you get them out of the dryer right away) I am so afraid that Costco will not carry these in the future, that I've bought two sets for every bed. I even bought them for my grown children - I wish Spalena made crib sheets, because now I have a grandbaby! They only problem with these sheets is that it's hard to sleep anywhere without them!!!! I have told so many of my friends about them, and they all agree!!! – Presh

I love love love love these sheets! I used to work for a home store that sold sheets, so I am a sheet snob. I was skeptical at first because these aren't 100% cotton, but based on the raving reviews, I took a chance and I am so thrilled that I did! My husband even noticed, which is a huge compliment! We eventually plan to buy a King size bed, so I went ahead an ordered another set in King size so that we have them! The best part, they don't wrinkle! Absolutely amazing! Thank you COSTCO! – texas38

We bought our first set of Spalena sheets a few years ago from Costco and I was SO skeptical, especially knowing they were not cotton. I thought they would be too hot for my husband, who sleeps very hot. Not true, he loves them and he has extreme sleep disorder (part of the reason we tried them in the first place, trying to do anything we can to make sleeping more comfortable for him). Thought they would not be and stay soft enough for me. Not true, the softest sheets ever, in both mine and my husband's opinion (and we are picky!). We got so spoiled I have never used any of my other sheet sets since I bought them. I would wash them and put them right back on. As far as the price being a little high, I can say with continued use for several years ours are barely now showing any wear, so they are actually quite economical and more so when you compare them to anything that would feel comparable (if you can find it!). I could never find them in any stores and finally thought to look at the tag and find the brand name to locate their website. I am so excited I will finally have two more sets of these sheets! - Connie

I love your sheets! Thanks for making the most luxurious sheets...fit for royalty! - Linda

I purchased your sheets at Costco several years ago. I was a bit leery about the price but decided to try them out anyway. They are by far the best sheets I have ever purchased. They wash well and to this day feel wonderful. You make a great product and I am planning on purchasing another couple sets for my queen bed and daughter's twin bed. - Thea

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